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Eng, Archives : The inter-industry almanac № 50/2015 - 17-09-2015, 12:22

Межотраслевой альманах №50/2015 г.






Another 50th edition of inter-industry almanac published in the year of the 10th anniversary of our publishing house. More than a thousand articles published, many of them posted on the Internet. Our editorial staff had a decade to act as media partner a variety of organizations and institutions, forums and exhibitions. But the greatest impact has been tostich in the information support of traffic engineering in Russia and abroad.


The head of the Editorial Board of the inter-industry almanac RIA President Boris V. SuNorth made a tremendous effort to maintain engineering relationships in the post-Soviet space, in including with the participation of our inter-industry almanac. Ten years ago, by B. V. Gusev called withbecoming the Academy of Engineering well-aimed words "Concentrated Shukhov". About this he wrote on the pages of our publication.




Eng » Archives : The inter-industry almanac № 49/2015 - 6-07-2015, 11:50

Межотраслевой альманах №49 /2014 г.





Issue № 49 of the Interbranch almanac is released at a time when our economy is recovering after a sharp bend. Last winter, 2014-2015 hydrocarbons plummet prices, and the reaction of the domestic market were tough enough. Within weeks the ruble lost its positions, prices for machineries marked up, projects stopped; there is no good basis for the future. Moreover, a number of business leaders were forced to reduce work turnover for new developments, the whole departments were dismissed. The consequences of the collapse of the ruble would still be felt for a long time; however, the spring brought not only the sun, but also hopes to restore parity of prices, the return of Russian enterprises to the global economy. Within two months, we had to completely revise the content of this release. Therefore, the Editorial Board gives our readers the opportunity to get acquainted with the approaches ministries and departments use to assess this situation. We are going back to the publications of the Government of the Russian Federation. And also continue the tradition of informational support of engineering achievements.



Eng, Archives : The inter-industry almanac № 48/2014 - 5-04-2015, 19:59


The issue of inter-industry almanac room 48 comes at a time when our country was in the next crisis. However, most of our authors are convinced that many factors of the crisis in the country could be reduced or even neutralized. So, the President PS "RISK" Nikolai Andreevich Makhutov believes that the economy in the form in which we now use, is just one of many indicators. To put at the top of the angle distribution of financial flows - not the best decision. N. And. Makhutov in this issue gives software publishing "Today, Russia is at the point of instability", which reveals his position on many issues of the day.



Eng, Archives : The inter-industry almanac № 47/2014 - 29-11-2014, 19:05


The inter-industry almanac № 47/2014


In this issue of the almanac Editorial Board draws your attention to publications about domestic shipbuilding and machinery, increasing the reliability of functioning of various systems in shipbuilding, railway transport, the forestry complex enterprises. Performed a deep analysis of the development of entire industries, especially shipbuilding, in the article of the President of RNTO shipbuilders C. L. Alexandrova. In an article by academician RIA A. C., Shlyakhtenko says that for 65 years on projects developed by the staff of the Bureau "Almaz", built more than 26 thousand boats, ships and vessels of various quality. Of interest is the formation of the Institute of structural materials "Prometey", which this year celebrated its 75th anniversary. Topic "Shipbuilders of Russia continued in article K. Y. Shilov, Avrora".



Eng » Archives : The inter-industry almanac № 46/2014 - 26-08-2014, 18:57

Межотраслевой альманах №46 /2014 г.





The 25th anniversary of establishment of the Academy of Engineering of the USSR and its legal successor – the Russian Academy of Engineering is approaching. We held a general meeting of the International Academy of Engineering and the Russian Academy of Engineering, discussed the positive results achieved by our two institutions in the production of the Russian Federation and other CIS countries which are actively involved in the work of IAE. We again and again emphasize that the structures of the social type can effectively work and must find its rightful place in the management system of scientific and technological development, issues of training of specialists at all levels.


Eng » Archives : Helicopters of Russia - 25-09-2013, 10:34

Helicopters of RussiaA.B. BELSKY.




Nowadays we can already say with confidence that there comes a new stage of the development of Russian helicopters – both civil and that of special purpose. This stage of helicopter construction should respond to the demands of modern technical thought, achievements and trends of scientific and technical progress in this sphere. Main principles of guaranteed pilotage safety, highest safety of exploitation and maximum of information of a flight`s conditions and character should be constantly updated.


Eng, Archives : The inter-industry almanac №35 - 28-03-2012, 20:31

The inter-industry almanac №35



Appeal to readers
We pay a huge attention on coverage of developments in industrial production in our inter-industry Almanac. We support the thesis about the transition from resource-based economy to deep processing of products in gas, oil and forestry industries. Authors of the Almanac have consistently pointed out that our main wealth – is the creation of high-tech industry, machine building industries, new materials industry, electronics and other fields. The materials of the Almanac shows how the rocket building can develop manufacture machines for the timber industry, a diversified machinery in the Urals, the creation of medicines in a unique environmentally friendly Altai. Traditionally, every year, in the second edition of the Almanac, we publish statistical information about the development of industrial production by branches. A number of our publications have been dedicated to the development of civil society.


Eng, Archives : The inter-industry almanac №34 - 10-02-2012, 14:15




The inter-industry almanac №34

THE INTER-INDUSTRY ALMANAC № 34 (№ 6/2011- 1/2012)


This year we celebrated the anniversary of one of the most prominent Russian scientist – Mikhail Lomonosov. At the same time, some of results of our own activities were summed up not once. And one of such major events for the engineering community was Mendeleev Congress in Volgograd, held in September, 2011. The congress summed up the scientific and technical activities of the scientific and engineering community.



An important challenge facing the country is entering into the World Trade Organization. The WTO agreement should be ratified By the fall of 2012. We have six months to prepare for it and be able to protect themselves from negative influences.


In reports of the II Congress of Engineers Don discusses the efficiency of production. The Congress resolution Engineers Don emphasize the importance of information development for different process control, and in terms of promotion of engineering achievements. We need to publish information on websites and in magazines to attract our audience to solve engineering problems.



Eng, Archives : The inter-industry almanac №33 - 18-11-2011, 11:40

 The inter-industry almanac №33





The almanac continues the theme of the 20-th anniversary of the Commonwealth of Independent States.  On the proposal of the prime-minister V.V.Putin Cis countries have agreed on more close economic- political interaction. We celebrate 20 years of the International academy of engineering and the organizations of its founders: national engineering academy of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine. Unconditional priority in the articles of this issue from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan given to development of the industry.


Eng, Archives : The inter-industry almanac №32 - 10-10-2011, 19:25

The inter-industry almanac №32THE INTER-INDUSTRY ALMANAC № 33 (№ 6/2011)


Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Engineering Academy of the USSR, the Russian Engineering Academy (REA) and the 20th anniversary of the IAE, some members of the Academy were awarded with the order of «Engineering glory». Among them, the President of Kazakhstan, the academician of IAE, member of the Academy of Sciences and the Engineering Academy of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbaev; scientist of worldwide reputation, president of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine B.E. Paton; a great statesman and public figure, I.N. Ponomarev; the outstanding hydraulic engineer A.N. Semenov; a great statesman and scientist A.G. Tuleev; the first vice-president of REA, army general. Y.A. Yashin and other members of the IAE and engineering academies – the founders of IAE.